Thursday, April 1, 2010


I'm a little melancholy this morning. I think because I drank a little too much last night. I didn't get drunk, just too tipsy. I hate that alcohol is a depressant and think I need to stop drinking all together. I think I rely on it too much to relax and with all the medication I'm on it isn't the healthy thing to do.

We are getting air conditioning installed today. This house has gone for 48 years without a/c and now it is finally time to bring it into the current century.

So a few goals:

Read the bipolar pregnancy books I bought

Journal more

Start repeating my mantra to myself when I am stressed

Stop drinking

1 comment:

  1. You know, alcohol does the same to me. Not if I just have a little bit, but if I feel a bit tipsy, the next day I'm not so chipper. It's definitely a depressant...

    Your goals sound wonderful!! I've been moving furniture all morning - moving my computer desk upstairs into my studio, a little table we have into the guest room, where I'll do my sewing and then moving the dining table into the kitchen to make our dining room purely a reading room. Fun!! I love changing things around...

    Have a most wonderful day!! Much love and a big hug! Silke