Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It's black and grey outside this morning. I'm on the couch with the two insanely sleepy puppies and missing Ronald. I'm watching Julie and Julia for the first time which is really one of the most adorable movies. Makes me want to cook even more and read My Life in France by Julia Child.

Therapy was hard yesterday. I left about ten minutes early because I couldn't stop crying. We talked about how self-conscious I am and how I have been that way since I was a little girl. I remember feeling horrible about my size since I was about three years old. That is not normal. I want to cry about it now still. I feel so full of pain about the whole thing. I just feel awful.

I'm still so tired. I know I keep complaining about it but I really suspect I may be going into a depression. I'm sad, I'm tired, blank, and feeling emotionally flat.


  1. Dear Catherine, I am so very sorry that you had a rough t. session. My heart goes out to you dear one. I pray that you will grow stronger as you continue through your pain. ((((Catherine))))

  2. I pray that the sun shines down on you soon! Sometimes it takes a while to recover from emotionally loaded sessions...

  3. I hope the depression lifts and you will soon have some peace.

  4. I rememeber those feelings...I couldn't even have anyone look at me...the shame crippled and kept me locked in a dark world. But there's hope...and freedom. I wish it hadn't taken so long though...Stay strong ok.