Monday, April 19, 2010

"let me get what I want this time"

I just got home from running some errands. There were so many women in track suits it was a little scary. I went to Trader Joe's, one of my favorite stores and was so excited as to how cheap milk was there, yes, I'm weird.

Last night my sister and I went to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant. The owners know me and made me a small noodle bowl of what I usually order just because. It was so sweet. I just love that place. We did some shopping and I found a dress for $7 and a hoodie for $3. Oh bargains, how I love thee.

I'm tired. I slept so-so last night but still woke up exhausted and took an hour nap after breakfast. I'm feeling ok these days. I have had so much creative energy but not the inspiration I used to have in writing. I think I write better when I'm depressed and melancholy, I like to write about dark things and when I'm not in a dark place my writing sort of disappears. Kind of disappointing.

Now to crafting, cleaning and cooking tonight. I'm a bit obsessive about cooking and cleaning these days, but I'm enjoying it so I guess there is nothing wrong with it.

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  1. just a note to let you know I read this... but I read it after the following one and it seems as if the following post is a response to this one already.

    I had thai food tonight. I've never had vietnamese. Is it very different?