Tuesday, April 13, 2010

self-discovery part 2: likes and dislikes

Likes: creating things, shopping, chocolate, connecting with people, puppies, keeping a house, being introspective, writing, Ronald, decorating, flowers, fashion, my glasses, music, my laptop, learning, photography, sex (something I was told I shouldn't like), cooking, candles, booze, being alone, magazines, reading, baking, the way the sun shines through the curtains in the morning, jazz, being connected, the beach, our house, naps.

dislikes: eggs, expectations, my unquenchable desire to fit in, the idea of having a career, depression, being "mentally ill", black and white thinking, fighting, confrontation, saying what I want, making all the decisions,  Christianity in general, my nose, how much work our house needs, not being myself, my weight, my skin, my quick drop into suicidal thinking, seafood, pressure, anger, my parents, cleaning the bathrooms, hot days, side effects, taking pills, headaches, feeling disconnected, being ignored, being overlooked, feeling unimportant, having no reason to be here.

1 comment:

  1. I'm there, in the page, again.

    CoDA is really helping with a lot of my dislikes - especially things like pressure, being myself, making decisions, my parents, feeling unimportant, confrontation, fighting, black/white thinking... and more.

    Hope you're okay. You have a reason to be here. Everyone has a reason to be here. It isn't our job to know what that is... and really not having to know takes some of the pressure off.