Monday, April 12, 2010

Self-discovery part 1: Habits

I am trying to figure out who I am, this is a slow process and kind of exciting but at the same time scary. I am going to analyze myself in some of my upcoming posts. 

I have bad habits: I crack my knuckles, I drink diet soda, I sleep too much, I don't clean like I should, I'm obsessive about washing my hair, I watch tv while falling asleep, I eat dessert nearly every night, I recite what I'm going to say in my head before speaking, I drink alcohol even though those little pill bottles tell me I shouldn't, I don't take care of my nails, I grind my teeth I dye my hair, I go to sleep with makeup on some nights, I bite my tongue and cheeks, I withhold what I really think about things, I try too hard to fit in.

I have good habits: I brush my teeth 2-3 times a day, I drink mineral water, I take prenatal vitamins, I create things, I take my pills like clockwork, I use aromatherapy lotion while falling asleep, I'm obsessive about washing my hair, I eat breakfast, I keep a blog, I don't drink a lot of coffee, I'm eating healthier, I genuinely care about most people, I am open about my life most of the time.


  1. Oh, wow, did I find myself in some of your "bad" habits - I have many of those and most are not that serious and bad. I love that you eat dessert every night - so do I most nights. I LOVE dessert! I also always "speak" in my head first - especially when I don't know the person or have something important to say. And cleaning ... well, let's not talk about that! Diet soda - yes! Not taking care of nails - oh, yes. The make-up part - hate to admit it, but some night - yes! Trying to fit in - not so much anymore, but I have to remind myself that it's ok to be me.

    You know what, I think we are doing just fine! Off to get a diet soda... Love, Silke

  2. I guess the difference between good habits and bad habits is how we see them. If it makes you happy, if it helps, then I don't think it could be bad...
    Maybe I'm just making excuses because I also found myself in both your lists.
    I do find that the more tolerant and honest I am about myself, with myself, the better I feel.