Friday, April 2, 2010

paper tiger

It's one of those mornings where you think God put all the grey clouds in a jar and brought them to your doorstep. It's so dark outside, I feel almost like it's bedtime. And here I am cold, trying to wake up and stay positively charged.

We have air conditioning. Of course with our twist-turn kind of luck we also found out that our ducts need to be replaced, something we will do eventually. But I am so happy to have a/c! No more blazing hot Summers.

Tomorrow Ronald's brother, his wife and our niece and nephew are coming to town for Easter. I can't wait to see them and spoil the kids! I'm sure I will take about a million pictures too.

1 comment:

  1. I am all for air conditioning!! When we lived in the Bay Area, we didn't have any either and sometimes it would get so very hot! But here in the South, I think I'd wilt without A/C.

    I'm so glad you'll have family visiting this weekend!! Have a most wonderful time!! Love, Silke