Sunday, April 4, 2010

new craft space

Last week we moved my craft table into the dining room. I love it and have been using it a lot more. I can't wait until our dining room is painted the icy blue color we picked out. The trouble is finding people who can texture the walls for a reasonable price...

It's Easter and I don't quite know what to think about it. I do believe that Jesus rose from the dead, but certainly not for me. I guess I just assume that all this God stuff is so undeserved by me that it doesn't apply. I know that is supposed to be the beauty of God, but right now I can't see that. I grew up in such a legalistic home with such a legalistic view of God that seeing someone I don't need to pay penance to is difficult.

Ronald's brother Chris, his wife Carmen and their kids Samuel and Delany are in town. We spent the evening with them and it was so nice. The kids are adorable, Dela is so grown up (yesterday was her fifteenth birthday), and Sam is so smart and such a little man at 20 months. They are planning on moving down here from Washington in July. I can't wait!

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  1. Oh, I just love your new craft space! Seems like we are in the same groove with reorganizing some of our spaces. We've done the same here and I am so enjoying the new configurations!

    Don't worry about God. Just enjoy your day and those around you and in that you are connecting with God. It's really quite simple - at least to me...

    Much love to you!! Silke